June 15, 2020 UPDATE:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic please note that we are open by appointment ONLY with limited office hours. Please call with any questions before coming into the office.

At Tranq Sleep Care  - We are a specialized and experienced team of dedicated sleep professionals, who provide the highest quality of care for the evaluation and treatment of people with sleep disorders. Sleep disorders adversely affect the quality of life, cardiovascular health, mental health, daytime energy and alertness, and increases the risk of depression, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and motor vehicle or work-related accidents.  If you are experiencing problems with your sleep talk to doctor.

Tranq Sleep Care network of clinics provide comprehensive clinical tele-consultations and  overnight sleep diagnosis services to the Okanagan Valley, Northern BC, Dawson Creek, Castlegar, Cranbrook and Williams Lake regions of British Columbia. 

Our Sleep Centers are accredited by The College of Physicians and  Surgeons of British Columbia.


Sleep disorders are very common in the general population but they are poorly identified.

Poor sleep affect many aspects of daily file from your work - to your social or family life. 
In addition Sleep Disorders have adverse effects on your health and increase the risk of accidents due to excessive daytime sleepiness .

The high prevalence Sleep Disorders in the population clearly indicate that this is a major public health problem requiring special attention. If you suspect to suffer from any sleep disorder  it is advisable to seek professional help.