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Tranq Sleep Care Network of clinics provide sleep diagnostic services across British Columbia, such as: Okanagan Region, NorthWest Region, NorthEast Region, West Kootenay Region, East Kootenay Region and the Cariboo Region.

Please select from the options below to find your preferred location:

Kelowna Neuro Sleep Clinic – Main Office

215 – 3030 Pandosy St.,
Kelowna, BC V1Y 1W2
Tel:   250-860-8400
Fax:  250-860-8414
E-mail: kelowna@tranqsleep.com

Office hours are by appointment.

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Cranbrook Kootenay Sleep Center

201 – 14 Avenue North
Cranrbook, BC V1C 3W3
Tel:   778-517-5715
Fax:  778-517-5722
E-mail: info@tranqsleep.com

Appointments are booked through the Cranbrook office.

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Cranbrook Sleep Clinic - Insomnia - Sleep Disorder - Sleep Apnea - Sleep Disorder - TranqSleep.com

Cranbrook Kootenay Sleep Package

Cranbrook Kootenay Titration Information

Terrace Northern BC Sleep Center

206 – 4650 Lazelle Avenue
Terrace, BC V8G 1R6
Tel:   250-275-6066
Fax:  250-638-1068
E-mail: terrace@tranqsleep.com

Appointments are booked through the Terrace office.

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Terrace Sleep Package

Terrace Titration Information

Dawson Creek Sleep Center

3 – 829 103 Avenue.
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 2G2
Tel:  250-784-0598
Fax:  250-784-0268
E-mail: dawsoncreek@tranqsleep.com

Appointments are booked through the Dawson Creek office.

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Dawson Creek Sleep Package

Dawson Creek Titration Information

Castlegar Sleep Center

1521 Columbia Ave.
Castlegar, BC V1N 1J1
Tel:  778-460-0066
Fax:  778-460-0036
E-mail: castlegar@tranqsleep.com

Appointments are booked through the Castlegar office.

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Castlegar Sleep Package

Castlegar Titration Information

Williams Lake Sleep Center

100A – 143 4th Avenue South
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1J8
Tel:  778-412-9321
Fax: 778-412-9323
E-mail: williamslake@tranqsleep.com

Appointments are booked through the WIlliams Lake office.

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Williams Lake Sleep Package

Williams Lake Titration Package