Media & Community Engagement

As sleep professionals, we always appreciate the opportunity to engage with the communities that we serve. We advocate for good sleep health anytime that we can.

We at Tranq Sleep Care have been involved in many ways such as:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Press Interviews
  • Clinical Engagements
  • Community Initiatives
  • Education Sessions
  • Consultation

For any media opportunities contact us at director@tranqsleep.com

Sleep Presentation

Thank you to Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice for hosting Dr. Lai to speak about sleep medicine! In this talk, Dr. Lai discusses the importance of sleep, how sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated, and what you can do to improve your sleep hygiene.

Mental Health and Sleep Care Workshop!

Take a look at our video featuring Dr. Wayne Lai talking about the importance of sleep and how it affects mental health! Visit our Instagram for more tips & tricks.