Elaine P.

“Severe OSA Patient Due to my Sleep Apnea Polysomnogram and Titration Studies being conducted at nite I did not personally meet the Tranq Sleep Care – Kootenay Sleep Center, Cranbrook Office Staff, Rylee O. and Kimberly W., in person. However we did communicate often by telephone, e-mail and fax in the daytime when they were completing all the necessary related paperwork, procedures and scheduling for my three over-nite studies and subsequent follow-up phone calls with Dr. Raj Bhui, MD. I can sincerely say that I enjoyed working with Rylee and Kimberly, whom I found both cheerful and helpful. It was obvious these two hard working young women were doing their best to make things run smoothly and efficiently, and I will be mailing them a thank you card. Now for the Technicians: I have nothing but good to say about the two I met – Clayton K. and Jessica H. I spend

one night under the care of Clayton who conducted my first Titration Study and two nights with Jessica who conducted both my Polysomnogram and my second Titration Study. Both were very welcoming, knowledgeable and professional with great PR skills, and made this octogenarian feel comfortable right away. Since, these technicians are the people, who we the public actually meet personally and interact with in a personal and important manner during our Sleep Studies, I feel their value in performing such complex and potentially life saving technical studies with professionalism and skill cannot be over praised nor undervalued. Tranq Sleep Care – Kootenay Sleep Center is very fortunate indeed to have two such skilled young

Technicians as Clayton K. and Jessica H. on staff. Of course they too will be receiving a well deserved thank you card.”

@ Cranbrook Sleep Center