Currently we accept the following referrals:

Consultation  and  Overnight Sleep Studies

Patient will be seen by one of our sleep physicians through video conferencing at the Sleep Center. Additional testing will be set up if found necessary for Polysomnogram or Titration studies. Patients will receive follow up appointments and CPAP prescription if needed. PAP downloads will be reviewed periodically when received from respiratory companies and patients will continue receiving care through the Sleep Center physician.

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LEVEL I - Polymonography


The benefit to having sleep evaluated at our specialized sleep center instead of at home is access to advanced diagnostic testing performed by trained sleep technicians.

A comprehensive overnight sleep study, known as a polysomnogram, is the best way to determine the presence of a sleep disorder. We conduct overnight sleep studies in our state-of-the-art patient evaluation centers.


Patients will be scheduled to come into the office for a quick tutorial and sign out the level III testing equipment. They will take home the Level III testing equipment and sleep with it for one night, and then return the equipment to the office the following day. The Level III testing will then be reviewed by Dr. Lai and a report will be faxed to the patients referring and family physician. If further appointments or testing is needed a new referral will need to be sent .
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LEVEL I - DIRECT With NO consultation

Sleep Study Only -  is provided for Physicians that want to have full control of their patient's care.
A Polysomnogram is performed and it is scored and interpreted by our Sleep Specialist, the results are sent  back to the referring physician .

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